Real estate law, commercial rental law & residential tenancy law

All kinds of legal issues arise when buying and selling property, as well as in the rental sphere.

The support of experienced and competent lawyers ensures that dangers are anticipated at an early stage and that both legally sound and commercially acceptable solutions are demonstrated which take account of the specific features of a particular case.

Once contracts have been concluded they can later prove extremely disadvantageous economically or even impossible to amend at a later date.

We advise and act for clients on all aspects of real estate law, from acquisition to the conclusion and management of leases and the sale of both residential and commercial properties.

We advise and act for vendors and purchasers on the drafting, checking and management of contracts for the purchase and transfer of real estate.

We advise and act for landlords, tenants and property management companies on the conclusion of leases and all problems arising during their term or termination.

We advise and act for property management companies and apartment owners on all questions of German law on condominiums [Wohnungseigentumsgesetz].

We advise and act for clients on the conclusion and handling of agreements with agents.